Success Stories

Out of sight and sound, out of mind

Rena Puebla, owner of Coast Concierge Service in Costa Mesa, admits that she is trying to reach a very upscale, corporate audience. "I use promotional products as a crucial part of my marketing mix. It's a great way to follow-up on leads, appointments and proposals. I also use them to keep in touch during slow seasons.

"An item I have had tremendous success with is a 'ringing business card holder.' When my customers open up this unique mailer they see and hear that my company is unique and innovative. It's not enough that I tell people that I am the best. I must prove it to them through the use of creative marketing."

Return on Investment

Who better to evaluate cost effectiveness and return on investment that an accountant? Larry Schnitzer, owner of Financial Management Services in Huntington Beach, was looking for a low-cost way to bring in new customers. "It was my goal to tell my prospects that it is my job, not theirs to handle the problems and hassles of taxes."

With the help of ParkInk, Larry found the perfect solution. We created an inexpensive brochure which simply says, "Inside are two things that will cure your tax headaches." Within the brochure was Larry's name and phone number imprinted on, what else, but a small packet of aspirin.

"I've had people call me months after receiving the brochure. Without the aspirin packets I'm sure I would look like 'just another accountant.' Instead I am positioned as someone with a sense of humor who really understands my customer's problems."

Larry's results are not atypical. A PPA study showed that nearly 40% of all persons receiving advertising specialties could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after receiving the promotional product. There are even cases when recipients remember the advertiser decades after the item is received.

Promotional Souvenirs Build Customer Retention

Promotional products are a great way to create goodwill and increase customer retention. Karen Fetzer, Marketing Director at the Irvine Marketplace often gives some type of imprinted souvenir to commemorate her eclectic shopping center's many events.

"Whether it's outdoor theater, Aids Walk Orange County or University Welcome Week, we want attendees to take an emotional part of the shopping center home with them. Promotional products are a great way to create long lasting appeal and name recognition for years to come."

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