BAM! For Programmers, Facility Managers, and Supervisors

No marketing experience necessary to get the ideas you need to increase attendance and participation at your events, classes, activities, aquatics or fitness centers. Using the highly acclaimed BAM! (Benefits Activated Marketing) system you will learn hundreds of ways to improve your customer service, communication and point-of-participation effectiveness.

Guerrilla Marketing for Park and Recreation Directors, Leaders and Supervisors

Marketing is an integral part of every manager’s job. Whether you need to “sell” a project, budget or idea, this workshop will give you ready-to-apply creative tools and insights in a high-energy format. Join Jodi Rudick, the leading park and recreation marketing expert, as she teaches ways to apply basic marketing skills to everything you do from staff motivation to building political support.

Using the Benefits Message to Develop Corporate Sponsorships

Are you ready to put the “Benefits Message” to work in your agency to raise revenue like never before? Hear secrets from the world’s most innovative business leaders that will help you find, nurture, and “speak the language” of your corporate sponsor prospects. This seminar will take the mystery out of securing dollars, in-kind contributions, media coverage and other valuable resources by showing you how to uncover and share your priceless assets.

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

From school shootings to 9-11, park and recreation agencies have often been called upon to help deliver hope to communities in need. During this interactive and provocative session you will share ideas with other professionals to insure that you programs and facilities are cutting edge solutions in a world full of challenges and change.

Marketing for Non-Marketers

No experience necessary for this session! Come learn simple marketing ideas for non-marketers. You will leave with great ideas You will leave with great ideas to promote your programs, facilities and events.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Marketing

Whether you organization is already in the throws of a budget crisis or may face some tighter times ahead – now is NOT the time to abandon your promotions and communications plan. On the contrary, tough economic times call for more innovative marketing than ever before. This fast paced session will explore over 100 ways to promote your agency’s programs with little or no money.

Marketing from Both Sides of the Brain

Whether you think with a head or your heart, your success, as a park and recreation professional depends upon your ability to understand what drives those around you from political decision-makers to citizen activists. Learn techniques to “sell” your programs, parks, budget requirements or ideas to anyone – no matter how rational or radical their thinking may be.

How to Promote Your New (or Renovated) Facility

Now you’ve built it? Will they come? For years you’ve planned, designed, redesigned and created what you home will be the greatest facility you community has ever seen. Whether your opening day is just around the corner, in the distant future or in the recent past, you will benefit from a solid, written promotional plan. This session will explore all types of strategies – advertising, publicity, direct mail, on-line marketing, trade shows and special events.

Meet the Expert!

Jodi L. Rudick, MAS -- Marketing Consultant, Speaker, & Trainer, Motivational Marketing and Publicity Speaker.

Jodi is President of the Park Ink, founded in 1959, and the author of four books related to marketing and publicity. She will help YOU become a marketing success.

Jodi's Speaking Topics

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