Beyond Brochures and Banners Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Business

Your customers are happy; your programs are good; your parks and centers are well maintained. But, are you doing everything you can to attract an ONGOING pool of new clients? What can you do to reach “hard-to-reach” audiences such as sedentary adults, “too-cool” teens or isolated seniors? Join Jodi Rudick, one of the recreation profession’s leading marketing trainer as she shares creative promotional ideas and strategies.

Make and Take Marketing Plan

How to Get From Where You are to Where You Want to Be

This unique step-by-step workshop will take you through the Jodi's super-simple, yet amazing effective Make and Take (tm) formula; to create your own marketing strategy and timeline. Get ready to re-examine and re-energize your business or department. You will leave the workshop with a guaranteed plan to build a more successful and profitable department or business.

Persuasive Lingo and Language

How to Write Marketing Materials that Work

Do your promotional materials draw crowds or yawns? Could your flyers and brochures use a dose of imagination and innovation? Then, don’t miss this “creative clinic” where you will learn tricks of the trade sure to add new life, dimension and effectiveness to all your communication tools.

Marketing Research for Dummies

Super Simple Ways to Prove the Value of Your Programs

Whether trying to influence a right or left-brained thinker, this session will give you the tools you need. Learn super-simple research ideas and tools to help you measure and document your program results and outcomes. You will also learn how to use existing research to support your programs and how to get the media to report research results.

There's No Business Like Show Business

How to Set the Stage to Maximize Trade Show Results

70 million times a year someone in North America walks into a trade show to buy or sell. Is you trade show investment a boom or a bust to your bottom line? Whether a trade show beginner or industry veteran learn the latest secrets to insure that you are getting the most bang out of your trade show buck. Make your next show the best ever by learning secrets to increase booth attendance, leads, and sales generated.

Promotional Items - To Give or Not to Give...

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts, Giveaways, Gizmos and Gadgets

Whether you call them "trash and trinkets" or "total treasures," savvy marketers understand the impact that the right promotional product and premium will have on the success of their businesses. Take a unique look at this 12 billion dollar industry and how you can insure that the items you choose will lead to more memorable meetings, higher attendance, added profit centers and real return on your investment.

Lessons from the Mall – Mystery Shop Your Way to Marketing and Customer Service Excellence

During this special off-site session, we will venture to a local shopping center to evaluate customer service from the customer's point of view. You will gain new perspective and insight into customer service and on-site marketing by "mystery shopping" retail businesses. We will explore both the emotional and physical customer service atmosphere using all five senses. Following your "mystery shop" we will share the good, the bad and the ugly experiences in a fast-paced session where you will create a creative customer care action plan using your new-found benchmarks.

Mosaic Marketing - Diversity in Action

How to Attract NEW, DIVERSE Customers to your Programs, Facilities and Events

Your customers are happy; your programs are good; your parks and centers are well maintained. But, are you doing everything you can to attract an ONGOING pool of new clients? What can you do to reach “hard-to-reach” audiences such as ethnic minorities, “too-cool” teens, sedentary adults, or isolated seniors?

Let the Training Games Begin…

Get ready to have some fun as you learn how to make your meetings, training sessions and staff or volunteer orientations twice as effective in half the time. This highly interactive session will go far beyond theory allowing you to take part in more than 20 creative and easy-to-duplicate training activities and games. Current and future managers and leaders will gain hands-on insight, ideas and skills to improve customer service, communication, sales, teamwork, productivity and more.

Meet the Expert!

Jodi L. Rudick, MAS -- Marketing Consultant, Speaker, & Trainer, Motivational Marketing and Publicity Speaker.

Jodi is President of the Park Ink, founded in 1959, and the author of four books related to marketing and publicity. She will help YOU become a marketing success.

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