Persuasive Lingo and Language

How to Write Marketing Materials that Work

Do your promotional materials draw crowds or yawns? Could your flyers and brochures use a dose of imagination and innovation? Then, don’t miss this “creative clinic” where you will learn tricks of the trade sure to add new life, dimension and effectiveness to all your communication tools.

Needs Assessment:

Duration: 1.25 hours

Learning Outcomes:

You will learn:

  •     50 benefits power words which can be used to instantly improve response and results
  •     220 places to put the benefits logo to create greater ongoing recognition within your agency and in your community
  •     Secrets from the worlds greatest advertising and marketing legends such as P.T. Barnum, David Olgilvie and, even, Madonna!
  •     How to make sure your existing tools work to promote your agency’s value
  •     How to use the benefits to get the media to cover positive stories about your agency

Session Format:

Target Audience: All

CEU Session: Yes

Proposed Chair:

Speaker: Jodi Rudick

Equipment: VCR/TV, Flip Chart, LCD Projector

Meet the Expert!

Jodi L. Rudick, MAS -- Marketing Consultant, Speaker, & Trainer, Motivational Marketing and Publicity Speaker.

Jodi is President of the Park Ink, founded in 1959, and the author of four books related to marketing and publicity. She will help YOU become a marketing success.

Jodi's Speaking Topics

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