Promotional Items - To Give or Not to Give...

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts, Giveaways, Gizmos and Gadgets

Whether you call them "trash and trinkets" or "total treasures," savvy marketers understand the impact that the right promotional product and premium will have on the success of their businesses. Take a unique look at this 12 billion dollar industry and how you can insure that the items you choose will lead to more memorable meetings, higher attendance, added profit centers and real return on your investment.

Needs Assessment:


Learning Outcomes:

You will learn:

  •     When not to use promtional items and premiums
  •     The top ten industry trends and how they will affect you future meetings
  •     Insider secrets to insure you save a fortune on your promotional products purchases
  •     What's new, hot, and passe in the world of gifts, gratuites and giveaways
  •     How to save big bucks on creative services by using theme and product tie-in
  •     How to turn your database into a promotional powerhouse

Session Format:

Target Audience:

CEU Session:

Proposed Chair:

Speaker: Jodi Rudick

Equipment: VCR/TV, Flip Chart, LCD Projector

Meet the Expert!

Jodi L. Rudick, MAS -- Marketing Consultant, Speaker, & Trainer, Motivational Marketing and Publicity Speaker.

Jodi is President of the Park Ink, founded in 1959, and the author of four books related to marketing and publicity. She will help YOU become a marketing success.

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