Using the Benefits Message to Develop Corporate Sponsorships

Are you ready to put the “Benefits Message” to work in your agency to raise revenue like never before? Hear secrets from the world’s most innovative business leaders that will help you find, nurture, and “speak the language” of your corporate sponsor prospects. This seminar will take the mystery out of securing dollars, in-kind contributions, media coverage and other valuable resources by showing you how to uncover and share your priceless assets.

Needs Assessment: Most park and recreation agencies are currently or will soon be asked to find ways to fund programs and activities by securing sponsorship dollars. This concept, while not new to traditional charitable organizations, can be full of mystery to novice and experienced agencies, alike. Mistakes can be costly but easily avoided with a little insight gained from this workshop.

Duration: 1.25 hours

Learning Outcomes:

You will learn:

  •     Why “Cause Related Marketing” is one of the fastest growing areas in promotion today
  •     How to match the right sponsor to the right project
  •     Ways to double and triple sponsor involvement
  •     How to assess needs and assets in order to set sponsorship goals
  •     Understand the steps necessary to develop a sponsorship campaign and timeline
  •     Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes when looking for sponsors

Session Format: Lecture, small group discussion, audience participation

Target Audience: All

CEU Session: Yes

Proposed Chair: Lori Jones

Speaker: Jodi Rudick

Equipment: VCR/TV, Flip Chart, LCD Projector

Meet the Expert!

Jodi L. Rudick, MAS -- Marketing Consultant, Speaker, & Trainer, Motivational Marketing and Publicity Speaker.

Jodi is President of the Park Ink, founded in 1959, and the author of four books related to marketing and publicity. She will help YOU become a marketing success.

Jodi's Speaking Topics

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